A-Z Dating +

So this isn’t related to design or photography, but I thought I’d share this A-Z Dating Josh and I have been doing. We actually got the idea from a friend’s parents who are are doing this, and we thought it was a great idea, and now the word is going around and quite a few of our friends are doing it.

Pretty much what it is … We are taking it in turns to organise a ‘date’ and it should start with the letter of the alphabet we are up to. It helps us to think a little more creatively and also makes us take time out of our busy lives to spend quality time together.  You should all do it too! Let me know how it goes, or if you have any cool ideas for our remaining letters!

Here’s some instagram photos (not the best quality) of our dates so far…

1. Affogato

2. BBQ Beach Breaky

3. Our day in the City

4. Delectable Dinner

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