A lot has happened since my last post and many countries have past, Turkey, Greece through Europe and we are now in Central America. When we get back home I look forward to going through all the photos/memories and sharing them with you! Here are some photos from the beautiful Norway. This country literally took our breath away every day, it has the most spectacular scenery and such lovely people! When we first arrived and saw the most spectacular fjords, we realised just how blessed we were to be there. We stayed with some friends on their farm in Midsund, which was such a rejuvenating and relaxing time for me, before being taken around to some other sweet spots. 

Our time with them consisted of listening to records, playing backgammon, reading, picking berries, riding our bikes, fishing, chopping down trees (Josh), eating the best jam around, going for walks, having a special plane ride through the mountains and taking photos.

IMG_4183 IMG_4186 IMG_4189 IMG_4195 IMG_4203 IMG_4204 IMG_4208 IMG_4215 IMG_4248 IMG_4251 IMG_4268 IMG_4294 IMG_4300 IMG_4356IMG_4379 IMG_4410 IMG_4214


IMG_4796 IMG_4811 IMG_4880  IMG_4771 IMG_4741


IMG_4619 IMG_4590 IMG_4566 IMG_4558IMG_4514 IMG_4501 IMG_4497 IMG_4479IMG_5052 IMG_5081 IMG_5101 IMG_5147 IMG_5216 IMG_5334 IMG_5454 IMG_5686 IMG_5963 IMG_5974 IMG_6119


India 2

I have been a little slack with updating the blog, we are currently in France, but I will go back to India and show images from the Northern Himalayas. We took a plane and then a 13 hour overnight crazy bus trip to McLeod Ganj – here you have the Tibetan colony in exile’s official office, home of the Dalai Lama and hundreds of red and orange robed monks. We spent a week and a half exploring, meeting people and learning about their culture, I would highly recommend visiting here.


IMG_6441-copyIMG_5914 IMG_5915 IMG_5929-copy IMG_5945-copy IMG_5958-copy IMG_5995-copy IMG_6049-copy IMG_6062-copy IMG_6092-copy IMG_6200-copy IMG_6209-copy IMG_6227-copy IMG_6231-copy IMG_6245-copy IMG_6256-copy IMG_6307-copy IMG_6324-copy IMG_6354-copy IMG_6363-copy IMG_6382-copy

India 1

We have been having such a great time exploring India, we haven’t done as much as we thought – as when we got here, we have crashed from being so tired. When we first arrived, I was filled with quite a bit of fear of everyone who looked at me, but we have found most of the people we have met to be really nice (although we have been sticking to the quiet areas). We visited a southern Goa beach village and stayed in a beautiful bay, Colom Beach. Here we have been relaxing, exploring around the towns on a scooter and meeting some very cool people.

Here are some pictures I’ve been taking….

IMG_4682IMG_4687 IMG_4809 IMG_4981 IMG_4982 IMG_4983 IMG_4992 IMG_5021 IMG_5691 IMG_5710 IMG_5713 IMG_5715 IMG_5738 IMG_5740-copy IMG_5741 IMG_5745 IMG_5763-copy IMG_5764-copy IMG_5766-copy IMG_5803-copy IMG_5840-copy IMG_5847-copy IMG_5849-copy IMG_5857-copy IMG_5865-copy

Bon Voyage +


We are setting off on a little adventure today, my husband and I. We have both been wanting to travel for a very long time and now we are finally doing it. The plan is to be away for 1 year and travel through India, Europe & the Americas.

Our hope is to experience new cultures, see God’s amazing creation, grow closer together and learn about ourselves. I’m sure it will be challenging and I don’t feel ready for it but I am excited to see what happens! We will also be gathering some stories for our new online magazine EDEN & blogging as we go here.

I will try to blog as much as I can as we travel around, and if anyone has any tips for the places we are going, feel free!

Although I won’t be able to take on new design/stationery work I will be available to do photo shoots along the way.

Bali revisited

Happy Friday! It has been a rainy rainy day today and I have been able to go through some more of our Bali photos from the beginning of last year! Wow I am learning I need to go through my photos straight away, otherwise I just don’t get a chance! I have been enjoying looking back at these photos, I have quite a few so I might split them into a few posts – it’s reminding me how much I love travelling, especially when we have the time to explore and take everything in. We had a month of exploring Bali, we could have stayed longer. Here are a few photos from our time in and around Canggu…


Looking back at Bali +

Happy Friday everyone! This week I have been slowly going through some of my film and digital photos from when we went to Bali at the beginning of the year. I have been so slack and haven’t even really gone through any of my photos from the trip, but am slowly getting there. We travelled through Bali and Lombok and had such a great experience – from the people we met, to the food we ate (well most of the food) and just learning about another culture. The people of Bali really touched me, with how beautiful they are, how happy they are with so little, what they do with so little and how generous they are. There is so much I would like to share, but for the moment here is another few shots from the trip.

Bali +

We are having a great time in Bali, exploring the different culture. We have met some interesting people, they live a very different life over here and is making me re-think how complicated we live our lives. I’ve using my film camera and also digital, here’s a shot I took the other day. This man did not speak English but was very kind to allow me to take his photo…

Fiji +

I’ve been going through my film lately and came across some pics from Fiji I’d forgotten about, so I thought I would share a few…



Burger Bar

Have you been to Grill’d? It’s a burger bar that does amazing burgers and scrummy chips, but also I just love the vibe and the design they have going on in their stores. They also have this thing called Local Matters which gets the customers involved in helping choose what charity they believe in and then Grill’d donates money every month to these charities. It’s good seeing people thinking about others.. I want to help people somehow with my photography. For now, here’s some photos of my visit with Kim (check out her blog she’s super fun!)



I got a little book made of my photos from Japan and thought I should share more of my photos from our trip…