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India 1

We have been having such a great time exploring India, we haven’t done as much as we thought – as when we got here, we have crashed from being so tired. When we first arrived, I was filled with quite a bit of fear of everyone who looked at me, but we have found most of the people we have met to be really nice (although we have been sticking to the quiet areas). We visited a southern Goa beach village and stayed in a beautiful bay, Colom Beach. Here we have been relaxing, exploring around the towns on a scooter and meeting some very cool people.

Here are some pictures I’ve been taking….

IMG_4682IMG_4687 IMG_4809 IMG_4981 IMG_4982 IMG_4983 IMG_4992 IMG_5021 IMG_5691 IMG_5710 IMG_5713 IMG_5715 IMG_5738 IMG_5740-copy IMG_5741 IMG_5745 IMG_5763-copy IMG_5764-copy IMG_5766-copy IMG_5803-copy IMG_5840-copy IMG_5847-copy IMG_5849-copy IMG_5857-copy IMG_5865-copy