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A lot has happened since my last post and many countries have past, Turkey, Greece through Europe and we are now in Central America. When we get back home I look forward to going through all the photos/memories and sharing them with you! Here are some photos from the beautiful Norway. This country literally took our breath away every day, it has the most spectacular scenery and such lovely people! When we first arrived and saw the most spectacular fjords, we realised just how blessed we were to be there. We stayed with some friends on their farm in Midsund, which was such a rejuvenating and relaxing time for me, before being taken around to some other sweet spots. 

Our time with them consisted of listening to records, playing backgammon, reading, picking berries, riding our bikes, fishing, chopping down trees (Josh), eating the best jam around, going for walks, having a special plane ride through the mountains and taking photos.

IMG_4183 IMG_4186 IMG_4189 IMG_4195 IMG_4203 IMG_4204 IMG_4208 IMG_4215 IMG_4248 IMG_4251 IMG_4268 IMG_4294 IMG_4300 IMG_4356IMG_4379 IMG_4410 IMG_4214


IMG_4796 IMG_4811 IMG_4880  IMG_4771 IMG_4741


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